Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

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Songs starting with C.

Irish Song Lyrics - Songs starting with CCamp June O  
Can Ye Dance the Polka? a.k.a. New York Gals  
Carnsies Shuffle
Carnsies Welcome Home Song
Casey's Hat
Castle of Dromore
Cavan Girl  
Celtic Symphony
Champion at Drivin' Them Crazy
Charley on the M.T.A
Charlie and the T.S.A.
Christmas in Killarney
Christmas in the Trenches
City of Chicago  
Claire O  
Clancy Lowered the Boom
Clancy's Wooden Wedding
Clare to Here
Cliffs of Dooneen
Cockles and Mussels a.k.a. Molly Malone  
Color of your Smile O  
Come By the Hills  
Come In  
Come Up the Stairs
Come With Me Into The Fields  
Come With Me Over the Mountain
Coming Back To Milltown
County of Armagh
Courtin' in the Kitchen
Craic was 90 in the Isle of Man
Crescent Moon O  
Croppy Boy (the)
Curragh of Kildare