Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

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Songs starting with M.

Irish Song Lyrics - Songs starting with MMacushla
Maggie May  
Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe
Mairi's Wedding  
Man From Mulingar (the)
Manhattan Stand O
Mary Mack  
Mary of Dungloe
Mary of the Curling Hair
Master McGrath  
McAlpine's Fusiliers
McCarthy's Barn O  
McGirk's Family Anthem O
McNamara's Band  
McSorley's Two Beautiful Twins
Men Behind the Wire
Men of the West
Mermaid (the)  
Mermaid of Ontario
Merry Ploughboy a.k.a. Jolly Ploughboy  
Mick Maguire
Mick McGilligan
Mickey's Intro  
Mike O'Shea
Minstrel Boy (the)
Molly Malone  
Molly McGuires
Moonlight in Mayo
Moses Ri Too-Ri-Li-Ay
Mother Machree  
Mountains of Mourne
Muirsheen Durkin  
Mullingar Heifer (the)
Murphy's Corned Beef Extravaganza
Mush Mush
Music Man O  
My Dad O
My Donegal
My Heart Is In Ireland
My Irish Molly
My Kathleen  
My Lovely Rose of Clare  
My Own Dear Galway Bay
My Son
My True Love O
My Wild Irish Rose