Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

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Songs starting with R.

Irish Song Lyrics - Songs starting with RRaglan Road a.k.a. Dawning of the Day
Rambles of Spring  
Real Ould Mountain Dew a.k.a. (rare ould mountain dew)  
Red Haired Mary  
Red Is the Rose  
Red Rose Cafe  
Reel of the Flickering Light
Rich Man's Garden
Ride On  
Rings On My Fingers
Ringsend Rose
Rio Grande
Risin' of the Moon  
Rock on Rockall  
Rocks of Bawn
Rocky Road to Dublin
Roddy McCorley  
Rooster (the)  
Rory O'Moore
Rose of Mooncoin
Rose Of Tralee (the)  
Roseville Fair  
Rosin The Bow