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Devil Went Down to Glasgow

Irish Song Lyrics - Devil Went Down to GlasgowAuthor: Donal OShaughnessy & Brian Hyland
Copyright: 2012

The devil went down to Glasgow,
he was looking for a jig or reel
he knew a piper’s spell could send you to hell
when you hear the bagpipes squeal

When he came across a braw wee lad
squeezing a bag and blowin’ it hot
And the Devil jumped up on a 12 year old...cask
And said, "braccchhhhchhooocccchhhh"

I guess you did’nae know’t
But I'm a piper too
when my pipes get snorin’ t’will stirrr your sporan
and will shrink yer digerido

My name is Kevin Dano and I may be a ginger
but when I play the pipes I’m Wesley Snipes
and I drone like a doberman pincer

Here’s a game to keep your pipes
that’ll be your just reward--- and then
the loser gets the Eternal prize

Kevin’s blowin’ up his bag, he’s ready for the bet
you just know when he starts piping, his brow is bathed in sweat
His tighty whities would keep up, the bet they could sustain
be sure the craic was mighty, it was coming down like rain


the devil cursed and closed up his case
his face was cloked in pain
He said hand me that accordion
I’ll give you Lady of Spain

You’ve schooled me with yer pipin’
My face is flushed with shame
I canny bring ye doon to hell
because your sweat would douse the flames

Kevin said, "Devil,just come on back
as a piper you’re pathetic
You can practice more you SoB
but I’m always diaphoretic

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