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Dick Darby

Irish Song Lyrics - Dick Darby

Oh my name is Dick Darby I'm a cobbler
I've served up me time at ould camp
some call me an ould agitator
but now I'm resolved to repent

with me ring thing of an ing twing of an eye doh
with me ring thing of an ing twing of an eye day
me roo boo, boo roo boo, boo ran dee
and me lap stone keeps beating away

well me father was hung for sheep stealin'
me mother was burned as a witch
me sister's a dandy houskeeper
and meself is a handy ould switch CHORUS

well I've travelled this whole world all over
all with the contents of me pack
me hammers, me aulds and me pinchers
well I carry them all in me sack CHORUS

well me wife she is humpy she's lumpy
me wife she's the divil, she's black
and everything I may do with her
her voice it goes "clickity clack" CHORUS

It was early one fine summer's morning
a little before it was day
well I dipped her three times in the river
and I carelessly bade her "good day" CHORUS

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