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Irish Song Lyrics - TechnologyAuthor: Donal OShaughnessy
Copyright: 2013

Sittin’ on a Wednesday on a rainy afternoon
There isn’t much to do today so I guess I’ll write a tune
Imagine feeling boredom in this day and age
to have all this technology staring in my face

If you want your hours to speed away than YouTube is best
So many ways for idiots to get things off their chest
The minutes quickly adding up with the next link they provide
The reward is failing eyesight and sores on my behind

Technology you move so fast
Is verbal conversation
something of the past?
If it’s here today you know it just won’t last

I’ve a thousand friends on Facebook and some I know by name
how about a short experiment to test these valued friends
I’ll set up a pay pal secured account and ask for a $10 dollar gift
Come tomorrow I will see just how many buddies I have left.

Folks my age remember playing albums I suppose
rushing home with new releases and listening with eyes closed
But today the music industry will tell you what to know
You just can’t have a song today without a video

I love to play in restaurants where social people roam
no time to read a menu while I’m checking on my phone
One night a silent couple perhaps was feeling hurt
then he texts his love a question, “Do you want dessert”

written letters and newspapers, maps and greeting cards
are falling by the wayside as society falls hard
We date on line, and recreate send e-cards to celebrate
Next thing they’ll have is an app to help the young folks procreate

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