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Queen of Connemara

Irish Song Lyrics - Queen of ConnemaraAuthor: Francis Fahy

Oh! My boat can safely float in the teeth of wind and weather And outrace the fastest hooker between Galway and Kinsale When the black floor of the ocean and the white foam rush together High she rides, in her pride, like a sea-gull through the gale Chorus Oh she's neat! Oh she's sweet! She's a beauty in ev'ry line! The Queen of Connemara is that bounding barque of mine When she's loaded down with fish till the water lips the gunwale Not a drop she'll take on board her that would wash a fly away; From the fleet she'll slip out swiftly like a greyhound from her kennel And she'll land her silver store the first at ould Kinvara quay There's a light shines out afar, and it keeps me from dismaying When the skies are ink above us and the sea runs white with foam In a cot in Connemara there's a wife and wee one praying To the One who walked the waters once, to send us safely home

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