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You Are Always on my Mind

Irish Song Lyrics - You Are Always on my MindAuthor: Tommy Makem

Before I met you everything was dreary I passed my time from day to lifeless day And then you came and filled my life with sunshine And now you tell me that you're going away CHORUS Well, you know I'm broken hearted that you're leaving I'm sorry too that I must stay behind And no matter where you go, you'll know I'm grieving And you'll know that you are always on my mind I wish you wouldn't take the sunshine with you I know it's going to follow you away Is there nothing I can do to stop your going? I wish that you would change your mind and stay CHORUS Well there's no use in pretending I won't miss you The lonely days are coming from now on I'll remember all the joys we shared together And I hope you won't forget me when you're gone CHORUS

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