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I Wish I Was a Big Red Apple

Irish Song Lyrics - I Wish I Was a Big Red AppleAuthor: Tommy Makem

I wish I was a big red apple Hanging on an apple tree And every time my love passed by She'd take a little bite off me Chorus: She's got lips that taste like honey Eyes like the deep blue sea Golden hair that hangs in curls And she's saving all her love for me I wish I was a butterfly I'd light on my love's breast And if I was a nightingale I'd sing my love to rest CHORUS Let the rain come down and the wind blow high Let the storm rage all the time I won't care about the frost and snow For I know that she'll be mine CHORUS I wish I had a jug of wine Some brandy and some beer I wish I was sitting in a lonesome spot With my arms around my dear CHORUS If I was a king and very, very rich With diamonds, jewels and furs I'd give it all up for one little kiss From those ruby lips of hers CHORUS

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