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Pizza Boy O

Irish Song Lyrics - Pizza Boy OAuthor: Donal OShaughnessy
Copyright: 2006

Chorus: Oh the Pizza Boy is coming, the pizza boy is here I've got your fresh hot pizza, I've got your treat right here When I was only 16 years I thought I'd get a job So I went into the pizza shop he said, 'Do you drive a car?' I said, 'I got a license as fresh as it could be.' He said, 'Congratulations! You're in delivery.' From my very 1st assignment I tried to be the best To be the person at your door with somthing hot and fresh The boss he pulled me to the side and said, 'For what this pays. You're doing such a fine job, I've arranged for you a raise.' CHORUS Now I was real excited at what the boss did say. I worked extra hard thru Friday, and that was my payday The boss said, 'Special delivery at the far end of the line. Be looking for the red light at house #69.' Now I was really nervous, I didn't know what to do. I had a funny feeling it's a house o' ill repute I wondered what the boss he meant when he said, 'You may be long.' So I stood under the red light and sang my pizza song.' CHORUS A lady opened up the door,said 'We've been expecting you.' She was wearin' sort of a nighty that I could see right thru I began a sweatin' and I turned hard like a stone When she said, 'Hey where's your sausage? How big's your pepperone?' Now I was frozen solid and didn't know what to say. So I said, 'Hey here's ya pizza all I need now is my pay.' She said, 'I'll take your pizza but today's your lucky day. The change'll be in your pocket, 'cause I'm paying you in trade!' CHORUS I said, 'I'm not complainin'. Not even a little bit. I'm the one who gave her da pizza, I'm the one who gave her da tip.' A compliment she gave to me, 'You're the fastest in the land. The day when this pizza boy...became a pizza man! Now I own the pizza shop the kids all work for me. Still there is occasion for a special delivery And when I see the order ticket hangin' from the shelf That's when I'll tell the pizza boy...HEY!..I'll be taken this one myself! CHORUS I need to give credit to 'BIG John' at Shenanigan's in Ocean City (where I'll be performing next summer). He sang the original version of this which I'm told was written by a guy in Connecticut. I only heard the song once but I was so taken with the concept I wrote my own lyrics to his idea. Thanks Big John.

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