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When Peggy O'Dea Came to Mullenalee

Irish Song Lyrics - When Peggy O'Dea Came to Mullenalee

There is a sweet little village called Mullenalee and it lies just half way between Cork and the sea where the boys and the girls are all happy and free contented and peaceful in Mullenalee But sure such an Eden was not meant to be and trouble decended on Mullenalee and it came of a sudden like mist from the sea when Peggy O'Dea Came to Mullenalee She had left as a young girl aged about three to sail with her parents far over the sea and she learned some queer tricks in the far USA and brough all there back to Mullenalee the queerest of clothes you ever did see her lips and her nails painted red as could be such clothes and such style sure you never did see till Peggy O'Dea Came to Mullenalee Not a colleen was courted from Cork to the sea for the boys wanted no one but Peggy O'Dea every one of them thought his wife she should be till they found she had married old Danny McGee He was bald as an egg and he'd turned 83 but he owned half the land around Mullenalee it was a very nice match and netween you and me that's why Peggy O'Dea Came to Mullenalee Then the humor got around that Miss Peggy O'Dea wasn't all that she pretended to be It appeared she had never been over the sea but worked as a servent way back in Tralee the guards came nad took her right back to Tralee She was wearin her mistress's clothes so you see and now everyone's happy except Danny McGee Since Peggy O'Dea is gone from Mullenalee

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