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Hills of Donegal

Irish Song Lyrics - Hills of Donegal

Oh Donegal the pride of all my heart
still turns to thee i
n me cottage home
where oft I did roam when I was young and free
Big houses ground on foreign
land they can't compare t'all with me
cottage bright on a winter's night
in the hills of Donegal Right well
I mind in the harvest time a doleful dreary day
when leaving all in Donegal I wandered far away
In creshla town my friends stood 'round I bid farewell to all
and I waved my hand to my own dear land and the hills of Donegal When gazing back trough Botners Gap but my own native hills agian I thought no shame for who could blame 'twas there I cried my fill My parents kind ran in my mind my friends and comrades all but I heard a sigh and I waved goodbye to the hills of Donegal Oh gran machree I longed to see my own native hills again on a foreign shore my heart is sore with exile longing pain could I but see those mountains free 'twould compensate for all & I'd live as my poor fathers lived in the hills of Donegal

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