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Glorious Green

Irish Song Lyrics - Glorious Green

No fashion designer in Eden were found though Adam and Eve took a good look around said Eve, 'My predicament mustn't be seen.' The first dress she wore was a nice leafy green CHORUS: It was green green glorious green the loveliest color that you've ever seen when the earth was young it was nice a serene covered all over with glorious green Though red and white roses in England still grow they once thought each other, but how they'ed show there are thistles in Scotland and leeks around Wales in Ireland the green of the shamrock prevails Now William of Orange beat James at the Boyne said he,'Though he won it's only annoyin'' Said the General Ginkle, 'I know what you mean. It was easy to beat James but hard 'twas to beat green.' Now history left Ireland a colorful scene one part is orange the other is green the north and the south they should both look ahaed to make sure the old country stays out of the red

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