Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

You Touched Upon My Life

Author: Mike Carroll

Oh You touched upon my life
and gave me a reason for living and giving
when you touched upon my life

The world can be such a lonely place
if you have no one there to take away the pain
of empty days and lonely nights
to cry yourself to sleep, next day you try again
I used to think this is the way that is would always be
Then you turned my world around and gave your life to me CHORUS

and now I find such peace of mind
a smile to warm my day like sunshine after rain
reach our your hand, lead me along
the happiness you bring, I may never know again
The sweetest part of loving you is knowing that you're there
and the swetetest part of knowing you is knowing that you're there CHORUS

You touched my heart
you touched my love
you touched my very soul
and you touched upon my life

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